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Penn Pallet has three locations in Pennsylvania:

Our Saint Marys, PA  location specializes in customized new manufactured wood pallets, crates, frames, stingers, cradles.  We can manufacture the right shipping platform for any application.  Penn Pallet utilizes PDS (Pallet Design Software) to design the right platform to meet your needs.  In addition to manufacturing, we offer pallet retrieval and various sort programs to meet your needs.

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Our Woodland, PA location specializes in recycling of 48 x 40 GMA style pallets, with other sizes available.  Call one of our sales professionals today for details. Penn Pallet recycles 100% of the scrap wood and nails from repairs. 

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Henderson, NC

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Moldy Pallets

We at Penn Pallet understand your concern for the mold issue. We continue to use our processes to help serve you, our customers. We have the capability to treat your wood products as you need to help prevent mold.


Mold can be found within almost every environment. It can be formed with the mixture of increased temperatures, oxygen, and moisture. A low moisture reading also helps prevent the growth or formation of mold. Penn Pallet offers different treatments for your pallets. We can heat treat, use a borate treatment, and kiln dry your pallets or containers. We have the capabilities needed to check the moisture content of your pallet.

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