Borate Treatment

Pal-a-Gaurd Brand Insect Protected Pallets

Penn Pallet uses a specialized dip tank to apply our patented Pal-A-Gaurd™ borate treatment, with a moldicide/fungicide additive, to pallets. Boric acid, oxides and salts (borates) are effective wood preservatives. Borate treated wood is of low toxicity to humans and animals, and does not contain copper or other heavy metals.

Borates protect against various forms of wood destroying organisms, including decay fungi (wet and dry rot), wood boring beetles (including common furniture, house longhorn and powderpost beetles), carpenter ants, and termites (including Formosan termites). Moldicides and fungicides aid in the control of mold growth.

Heat Treatment

Heat treater

By heating timber to a certain temperature, it is possible to eliminate the presence of pests found in wood. Heat treating is also an alternative to chemical preservatives, as many consumers would prefer chemical-free timber preservation methods.

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Heat treatment can also improve the properties of the wood with respect to water: lower equilibrium moisture, less moisture deformation, and weather resistance.

Penn Pallet's heat treatment process is certified to the ISPM 15 standard for wooden pallets and shipping containers.

Used Pallet Retrieval and Recovery

With the today's rising costs, Penn Pallet works hard to save you money. We offer regional pallet recovery programs. If you are interest in pallet retrieval, contact us to find the best solution for you.

Sorting, Cleaning, and Disposal

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  • Pallet Disposal

Moldy Pallets

We at Penn Pallet understand your concern for the mold issue. We continue to use our processes to help serve you, our customers. We have the capability to treat your wood products as you need to help prevent mold.


Mold can be found within almost every environment. It can be formed with the mixture of increased temperatures, oxygen, and moisture. A low moisture reading also helps prevent the growth or formation of mold. Penn Pallet offers different treatments for your pallets. We can heat treat, use a borate treatment, and kiln dry your pallets or containers. We have the capabilities needed to check the moisture content of your pallet.

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