Governor's ImPAct Award

Penn Pallet was awarded the Governor's Impact Award for Entrepreneur Impact in North Central Pennsylvania. To read the full brochure on all the winners, please click here.

Penn Pallet wins Entrepreneur Impact Award

BTU’s from Wood Fiber

One pallet gives off an average of 350,000 BTU’s when burned.  Imagine all the pallets behind every retail store, grocery store and small business in every community throughout the US.  If all of these were stopped from land filling and converted to fuel for hospitals or schools, we would make a huge difference to our environment.  Imagine the additional space that would be in each landfill. Imagine the fossil fuel savings.


Penn Pallet sold over 11,000 tons of ground wooden pallets and sawdust between our St Marys and Woodland locations in 2009. That’s enough sawdust to cover a football field over 30 feet high. Converting tons into BTU’s, we have supplied over 150 billion BTU’s into our local community. That’s more than 1 million gallons of #2 fuel oil replaced by sawdust. Enough sawdust to heat 1000 homes if the proper equipment was available.

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